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ATS – Trailer Ownership

ATS Patch 1.32 has been released: read more and learn how to install it

American Truck Simulator patch 1.32 will bring an exciting new feature: trailer ownership! SCS has been working on this for over an year and it brings a series of big changes to the gameplay logic and economy, camera work, user interface screens, there are tons of new models, artwork, textures, and paint jobs.

A trailer upgrade shop will offer the possibility to build, configure, tune and paint your own trailers. We will also be able to choose from multiple chassis, trailer types and paint jobs and also parts and wheels.

The trailers will be available according to the region regulations of where the garage is located. 28, 45, 48 or 53 feet trailer versions in double, triple or even Rocky Mountain double configurations will be possible to choose.

ets2 patch 1.32

We are excited for this ATS update that we think is a big step in SCS making a virtual truck companies feature for their games!

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