Australian Drop Deck Trailers

ats australian trailer

These Australian Drop Deck Trailers are aimed mainly at the Australian players of the game and may not be to everyone’s taste, So please keep the negative comments to yourself.

Custom Aussie Mods updated these Trailers from when they were first released by TSA, we moved then into Trailer Owned and have since been updating the trailers as we go thru the updated game versions

These Trailers should be at all times credited as TSA trailers and no other and we do not take any credit for the making the trailers in any way,

For the Templates and sample Skin Files head over to my page
their on the pinned post at the top of the page with screen shots of steam workshop
read at the bottom of the post for links to templates and skin mod


Trailer credits: TSA 3D Models, Custom Aussie Mods Edits and updates.
Skins credits: Bob Jones, Brownies Paint Shop, Custom Aussie Mods and others

DOWNLOAD – mod was discontinued, but you can try this one: TSA Australian Drop Deck Trailer Skins.

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