Volvo VNL/VNR Sound Mod

I release my Volvo VNL/VNR Sound mod which is made of the basis sound of the Renault Premium, Renault and Volvo using the same engines and the sound is a little different but most of the people don’t hear the differents, so this mod contains one Volvo engine sound, please do not ask for a … Read more

2019 Uncle D CB Chatter v1.33C

So, here you go drivers, another one, as I promised for the new year, your 2nd in a line of brand new CB chatter files this year just over a hour long. I only post these to 3 SCS mod sites so if you see em elsewhere thanks to whoever is sharing em, but this … Read more

Leen Kriechbaum Commandoreone slash EVR

The basics of this sound mod is the DAF XF sound mod for ETS2 but I rebuild it to USA style with real Jake brake sound. I reworked a bit and added lot’s of real sounds to it like real suspension and gravel sounds but also new air sounds and trailer sounds. Credits: Leen Kriechbaum Commandoreone … Read more

Sounds for Sport Cars Traffic Pack v1.4

This mod adds custom sound for Sport Cars Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v1.4. the modified sii files includes also: – minor changes in max_speed (increased on most of the cars) – some models are allowed to appear parked – added spawn_ratio between 0.1 and 0.5 (not active if country spawn file is used) this mod … Read more