Detroit Diesel 60 Series Sound & Engine Pack 1.37

Detroit Diesel 60 Series Sound & Engine Pack 1.37


– Added International LT (by FRANCK PERU)
– Added engine fan that randomly engages.
– Replace and renewed the Jake brake sounds entirely.
– Added “off-the-gas” exhaust sound (airy).v1.2b
– Added volume curve to ‘turbo’ sound so that it isn’t audible at very low RPMs (pulling off).
– Tweaked exhaust idle volume.
– Tweaked engine whine volume.
– Increased ‘unloaded’ engine volume.
– Overall volume increase by 1db.
– Added hot engine ticks when engine is switched off.

v1.1b [Update: 31 Mar @ 6:48pm]
– Fixed a bunch of engine torque numbers that got mixed up.

I hope you enjoy these sounds. Please consider donating via Paypal and the money collected will be put towards recording more sounds, updating existing packages or buying more payware to add support. It costs a lot to record sounds like this, even a small $1 donation is greatly appreciated: paypal

Credits: CheckEngine


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