Continental Motor Carriers Skin ats

Continental Motor Carriers Skin

Continental Motor Carriers Skin ats

This is a 70’s/early 80’s (but mostly 70’s) inspired livery. I considered making versions for current gen trucks (i.e SCS’s default trucks), but it didn’t fit the theme too well, so I ultimately decided against it (even the W900 and 389 have features that make the texture look out of place). There doesn’t seem to be too many (quality and up-to-date) options out there for 70’s/80’s era trucks out there, so if you guys know of any that aren’t included in this pack, let me know. Unfortunately, I don’t think Smarty’s Scot A2HD is updated for 1.32. I will admit, the skin looks best on the cabovers.

Pack Contents

Truck Liveries
-Harven’s Freightliner FLB and Mack R
-odd_fellow’s/Lucasi’s International 9800 and Freightliner FLD

Trailer Liveries
-SCS Player-Owned Box Trailer

Credits: Carman
Various decals and labels by Frontiersman


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