D-Tec Trailers Pack

D-Tec Trailers Pack v1.0

– Tested and
– Standalone
– 7 Different Trailers
– Compatible with all trailer packs
– 20ft Container
– 2x20ft Container
– 20ft Tank
– 40ft Container
– 45ft Container
– Empty D-Tec Trailer
– Empty D-Tec Flexi Trailer


D-TEC Combitrailer: Peerke145
Base Model: Flexitrailer by Igor and Daniel77
Containers: EED123, Tony1971, Holly, Samson and SheryO
Skins & Textures: Nordisch, Pauli and Arnook
Updated Cargos: John Dalton
Convert to ATS: Zetor165Maxterra


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