HUGE NEWS! Double Trailers coming in ATS!

Today we have got some big news for the trucking simulators fans, American Truck Simulator players to be more exact. After over 6 years since they’ve been announced to come out to ETS2, double trailers are finally making their ways into American Truck Simulator!

In a recent post on the official American Truck Simulator Facebook page, some pictures were shared where you can see multi-pivot trailers aka double trailers and they also confirmed it by saying that the upcoming content called Heavy Weights Cargoes will contain them. This could come up as a free update, but most likely it will  be a payable DLC.

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5 thoughts on “HUGE NEWS! Double Trailers coming in ATS!”

  1. excelente idea, esto va a ser un antes y despues de una etapa, los modders se encargaran de agigantar estos tremendos trailers.
    Saludos desde la Patagonia Argentina

  2. three pivot points mods have a new feature at the finger tips and minds can see what they come up with 🙂

    /+| ___________ __________
    O=##OO OOO—-OO OOO


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