Dude dispatcher v1.2

It has long been known and loved by many mod, replacing the green activation symbols on animated characters
Besides the fact that this mod is adapted to the game American Truck Simulator, it has also undergone minor changes.

The mod looks like this:
– On the bases when choosing a cargo, as well as when choosing the complexity of unloading you will be met by a strict guard and will indicate the place for loading / unloading
– The place of unloading is still marked with cones
– At the entrance to the service station there is a rather imposing character
– On the weight is worth meticulous type and fixes everything in some kind of electronic device
– At the gas station you are waiting for the queen of the gas station, though she always hovers somewhere in the clouds
– Entrances to the garage and auto show are not marked
– Also mod removes glowing barriers on closed roads

The log is clean
Mod on the performance of the game has no effect

Mod adapted to the ATS version 1.33.x
Fixed a bug with barriers on closed roads

Credits: wik412


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