Freightliner Cascadia in American Truck Simulator

A new ATS truck is coming which was revealed a few days ago by SCS in a sneak peak video. American Truck Simulator newest addition will be the Freightliner Cascadia! A new realistic and detailed truck model will be available. This is thanks to a collaboration between Daimler Trucks and SCS Software. Are you excited?

Update: Freightliner Cascadia New Truck

Freightliner Cascadia in American Truck Simulator

The manufacturer of the truck says  this is the best Freightliner truck that was ever made. The Cascadia was tested for a long period of time in all the possible conditions. Also the interior is packed with next generation stuff. In addition, it is fitted with a Detroit powertrain, the most fuel efficient engine they ever designed. Read more information on SCS’s original blog post.

ats cascadia Freightliner Cascadia interior

Also the truck is getting original truck sounds in ATS. They were recorded on a rented Freightliner Cascadia in Germany. So this really is a big project! Thank you SCS! Also there are 3 cab variants as we can see from the pictures. That’s cool.

freightliner cascadia cab

Are you waiting to take this best for a ride in American Truck Simulator? Also, this truck marks another great addition to the game. We recently got the Colorado DLC which is amazing. And now this great truck. Get ready for 2021, ATS will be getting even more updates! So follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay in touch. Keep on trucking!

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