GTM Team Australian Kenworth T610 + Addons Released

This has started as a small fun experiment, to save me from melting my brain while working on the T800 megamod, but it gained alot more interrest that I originally anticipated, including some of our team members.
That’s why we decided to release it as a small, kinda standalone mod.
Kinda? – yes – the textures used by the truck are 99% SCS made. (With only 2 textures which were custom made to fit new needs.)

V1 version of the truck comes with:
1. 3 cabs:
-sleeper cab
-sleeper cab with roof deflector

2. 4 interior variants for each cab (based on T680)
-grey VIT
-tan VIT

3. 2 chassis variants
-6×4 short (for daycab)
-6×4 long (for sleepers)

4. Realistic engine/gearbox options (meaning there won’t be too many of them)

5. Tuning Options
-9 front bumper
-2 rear bumper
-3 front fender trim
-2 hood mirror
-2 hood deflector
-3 sunvisor (depending on cab variant)
-roof marker light adapter
-3 mirror (just like in SCS’s T680)
-2 sideflare (depending on fuel tank sellected)
-2 exhaust
-3 fuel tank
-4 rear mudguard
-2 mudflap

6. Collection of unique paintjobs

7. Compatibility and patches:
-built-in compatibility with SiSL’s Megapack
-SCI steering wheel DLC addon patch
-Kriechbaum’s ATS sound pack V2.7 compatibility patch

Credits: GTM Team:
Wolfi, SCS – models
50keda – model fixing and tweaking, modeling consulting
Natvander – def files, technical/meritoric consulting
DaStig, Sabr – paintjobs, UV Mapping/templates consulting
SiSL – interior addon compatibility, interior tuning locators, Steam Workshop version
Carl1992 – non-Steam Workshop files, beta testing
Azu – technical input, beta testing


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