Improved Trains v3.8

ats mod improved trains

American Truck Simulator Improved Trains mod. This Mod adding a More realistic American Trains With Realistic Sounds. Based by PIVA Train Mod and Sounds by Cipinho, Drive Safely and TruckerKid. + my Exclusive content.

Add classic diesel and steam engines, railcars and cabooses for sightseeing trains
For locomotives and rail cars add skins with names of his real companies.
Now all freight trains are drived by more locomotives, from 2 to 5 coupled head DMUs and some additional in the mid and(or) the tail of the trains.
The length of trains has been changed, passenger: 3-15 railcars (20 for Autotrains). freight: 15-60 railcars(up to 100 with addon), depending on the number of sections and type of locomotives.
Added realistic train sounds in new FMOD Sound Bank format.
All passenger trains added a reverse section locomotive.
also increased stopping distance for the all trains and added a miscalculation of their real mass by the game for greater realism of their acceleration dynamics and behavior on descents and ascents. accordingly, for each raft, the power is set as a multiple of the power of all its locomotives (not everywhere).

Wallets For donations:
WM E066523113525
WM Z182435256071

Credits: 3D models: SCS, piva & AlexeyP, POWE®FULL, toast123, fridge_company, lucien_lilippe, Kim Larsen, #test
Sounds by: SCS, Cipinho, Drive Safely, TruckerKid, steam sounds from free sites.
FMOD Sound Bank convertation: POWE®FULL
Skins: SCS, Pedro Martins, Serialblack, ProMods Team, Tem Reforma, PIVA, Eddie Yantz, POWE®FULL
Compilation: POWE®FULL

DOWNLOAD mod for ATS 1.41 +

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  1. thanks for the safe original link!

    Full changelog
    critical incompatibility of old versions of mod 3.7.x with the new build of the game ATS due to changes in the game engine.
    the recently introduced realistically mixed trains were cut out, they are no longer readable by the game.
    elimination of the conflict with the new coal wagon added by SCS
    added a new cargo to the wagon platform
    added car models: box, dump and tank ported from ETS2 for a greater variety of rolling stock (car textures will be American but differ in size)
    return of the simultaneous appearance of two trains on multi-track railways
    the update is incompatible with older versions of beta 1.41x than the one above. (see the version of your build of the game in the lower right corner on the profile and settings selection screen before choosing the version of the mod, for older versions of the game, look for Previous Versions)
    no add-ons from older versions are compatible


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