International 9900i×9300

ats International 9900i 9300 international 9300 ats mod

The newest SCS release (international 9900i) served as a kick starter for me to make a truck that i really like. So i’ve edited it to look like a 9300.

This is what it looks like. I removed the original doors, whole cab front, and hood, and replaced them with my own models.
Because I (naively) wanted this to be a quick & easy project, i did not bother looking for dimensions & drawings. A lot of it was eyeballed and improvised.

More details (read on the forum thread):

  • The truck will have 2 cabs
  • The interior is improvised
  • 2 chassis options
  • Has it’s own visor models
  • Custom exhaust

You’re not allowed to reupload to other websites. Redirect to SCS forum thread..

Credits: overfloater

DOWNLOAD mod from Steam

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