American Truck Simulator patch 1.44 full release

American Truck Simulator is always getting significant updates. As we mentioned in a recent post, ATS patch 1.44 is released and now it’s official, no just beta! Therefore, let’s just make a quick recap of the main features that are included. Find the best ATS 1.44 mods on our website! Check them out.

ats patch 1.44

Map updates

  • 2nd Phase of California Rework

California was updated for free for any owner of American Truck Simulator. The following cities are rebuilt from the ground up: Eureka, Ukiah, Sacramento, Redding, and Truckee. There’s new architecture, landmarks and roads. In addition, the city of San Rafael is now deleted but a new one will be included in the next Phase. We are looking forward to that!

ats california rework

  • Border connections for several cities in New Mexico refreshed
  • Some New Mexico cities received road network reworks
  • Unmarked Road Exploration

If you can find those Easter eggs in the ATS map and drive there, they will now be marked on you map as a dashed road. Now you’ll be able to easily return to that hidden road any time.

ats hidden road

  • General Map Bug Fixes


  • Mod Refund Feature

Basically, this applies if you spend money on modifications on your truck from a mod. If you delete that mod or it becomes incompatible, you will be refunded for those parts.

ats patch 1.44 mod refund feature

  • Licensed vs Aftermarket UI in browsers

There’s four new categories for truck parts:

    • Factory part – A stock part sold by the manufacturer (including interiors)
    • Licensed part – Anything that is officially licensed that is not produced by truck factory
    • Aftermarket part – Any additional accessory that is not related to the brand.
    • Unknown part – A part that is not recognised or in some cases, a third party modification.
    • Force Feedback Upgrade


american truck simulator patch 1.44

  • Adjustable Suspension Height

Now you can lower or adjust your truck suspension to your desired height in ATS! That’s a pretty realistic feature.

  • Interior Camera Horizontal Lock
  • Smart Sequential Shifting

Short explanation from SCS Software: when you shift up or down sequentially, it will automatically shift by more gears at once based on the current torque or speed.

  • New Special Transport Routes


  • New Freightliner Cascadia 2022 Interior Options
  • Ownable Drop Deck Trailers
You can take a more in depth look into all of these new ATS patch 1.44 features on SCS Software’s blog post. Also, today we recommend you this International 9300 truck mod for ATS! It’s a great new addition to the game. Keep on trucking and stay safe!

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