Manac Steel Flatbed

ats mod Manac Steel Flatbed

Manac Steel Flatbed ATS trailer mod.

Corby’s Manac Steel Flatbed

Chassis types: 2 (tandem, spread)
Chassis color is not changeable currently
Two body types: Headboard and non-headboard (loads will change depending)
No additional accessories at this time.

Credits: Corby – The whole thing The SAF axle cap is also mine
Steve aka EVH5150 – 3D leds
Ventyres – Tires, nuts, part of the axle cap
Peterbilt5379 – 5 hole rim
SCS – Loads(from ET2/ATS)
Javad Sharifi – Generator
Daramin3D – cable reels
Deven W. – Steel loads


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