Municipal Police Traffic Pack

Municipal Police Traffic Pack ats police traffic

You need this ATS mod for police traffic!

This mod adds police cars/liveries to almost every city in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington and Utah.
The cars have various wheel, rambar/pushbar and lightbar combinations .
The mod removes the original police cars from the states made by SCS and replaces them with the cars in this mod, however the Taurus with the open door can appear in the random event accident.

For owners of Special Transport DLC:
Front escort cars have been replaced in the forementioned 7 states with state police variants from this mod.

The mod should be compatible with any traffic density ATS mods.

All my mods are and will always be free, however if you appreciate my efforts and want to offer me a beer, I thank you in advance! Here is my PayPal account:

Credits: gabenz88


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