Real companies, shops & billboards v2.2

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Real companies, shops & billboards mod for American Truck Simulator.

Main mod features:

* 37 companies changed to real-life companies
* Colorado fastfood restaurants changed
* 112 billboards in all states, partially with seasonal ads
* About 10 shopnames changed
* Motels changed to real life motelcompanies
* Las Vegas hotels renamed with real names
* The Mirage reskinned

Must be placed on top of the mod manager or at least above map mods and mods that change (traffic) textures or logos.

Works with:

* Most common used map mods (Pro mods, C2C, Great America, Pazz mod, Sierra Nevada)
* Most common traffic-skin mods (e.g. SiSL’s, various real company for van’s mods)

Does not work with:

* Any other real company mods (e.g. Grimes, P16, any revival mod)
* Any other texture changing mod. (e.g. Keeper’s, real corner shops).
* Any other billboard mod (e.g. real advertisement)

When in doubt, just let me know.

NEW CONTENT in version 2.2:
* 5 more real companies
* 2 new motels
* Colorado fastfood restaurants
and much more

Tested and working in ATS 1.41 and 1.40.

Do you love my work? Want to see what new updates bring? Decide on whats on the next update by using the poll? As I lost my job to Covid-19 I put a lot of time in this mod. Please consider a small contribution to this mod development ->

Credits: MLH82

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