Real Gas Stations Revival Project

Real Gas Stations Revival Projectats real gas stations mod

Many of you already know that P16 stopped making/updating his mods which, in my opinion, were the best logo mods for American Truck Simulator.
Therefore, as I promised some time ago and as a content creator to some mods I decided to continue the work by myself, since there aren’t many similar mods.

With this, I present to you my latest mod: Real Gas Stations Revival Project 1.0.

Changelog v1.0:

– Changed Chemron to Chevron
– Changed GP to BP
– Changed some gallon gas stations to Texaco
– Changed some gallon corner gas stations to Union 76
– Changed Heart’s to Love’s
– Changed Driving truck stops to Flying J
– Changed Driver truck stops To Pilot
– Re added Sunoco to Bakersfield (From P16)
– Changed some stations to Circle K
– Added CAT Scales logo
– Reworked Baker Truck Corral logo (Oregon)
– Reworked Jack’s Truck Stop Banners (Oregon)
– Changed Rural Gas Station to Exxon (Because of similarity to real life)
– Changed Ev chargers to nrg eVgo
– Changed Truckworks to Napa Truck Service Center (and banners)
– Changed Gallon Auto Truck Plaza to TA

DISCLAIMER: The Real Company Logo 3D Revival mod from Chief86 is not connected with this mod, although it has some old models made by me, the mod is not made to work with my mods, so you may encounter problems running the two mods simultaneously, if you still want the two mods you can give higher priority to my mod.


– The mod is compatible with all my previous mods
– Tested for 1.39 and American Truck Simulator 1.40
– Not compatible with any mod that changes gas stations
– Not tested with Chief86 Real Company Logo 3D Revival

Click here if you want to buy me a coffee while I make mods.

Credits: Pedro Martins, P16 (Re use of old models)

DOWNLOAD mod for ATS 1.40 +

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