Revolutionizing Sound in ATS 1.47: A Sneak Peek into the Latest Update

Experience the most immersive ATS truck sim yet with the new sound system in ATS 1.47 update! Featuring hundreds of dynamic sound spots and new sound scatter technology. They will transport you to the heart of America’s highways and byways!

Last year, a small team from SCS Software traveled to the USA to not only visit expos and research areas but also record new environmental and ambient sounds for American Truck Simulator (ATS). Their aim was to create a more immersive experience for players and make the truck sim world feel more realistic.

ats 1.47 sound update

In the upcoming ATS 1.47 update, players will get a glimpse of the sounds that the sound team recorded. The team used new sound scatter technology through FMOD for the virtual environment. This technology allows players to hear a variety of SFX coming from different directions and distance. This is in addition to the base 5.1 sound layer that already existed.

For example, when players sit at a rest area in the quiet Texas plains, they may hear the chirping of crickets at different distances. This change applies not just to nature but also to the city. Depending on their speed and whether they are parked or driving, players will hear sounds like distant highway traffic or a nearby police siren that vary in intensity and location.

This new sound system immerses players in the environment, providing a dynamic soundscape as they travel through it. The update includes hundreds of sound spots, making the variety of sounds quite noticeable. Another change being introduced is a direction filter for trucks, where applicable. The sound engine equalization included in the sound system works according to the player’s current camera view.

For example, if the player uses a camera behind the truck, they will hear a change in sound according to that view. The effect is most audible when the player can watch their truck drive past while the camera remains stationary. These changes are just the first implementation when it comes to sounds.

The SCS team has a busy schedule of recording this year to bring more updates in the future. Players can expect to hear more news about sounds in ATS, and the team would love to hear their thoughts on this topic. Keep on trucking!

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