Detroit Diesel 6-71 Straight pipe sound

Detroit Diesel 6-71 Straight pipe sound ats

This ATS mod is 6-71 Straight pipe sound for SCS trucks and truck mods.

Version 1.0 Feature:
-Detroit Diesel 6-71 230-310HP and 6-71TI marine engine with straight pipe sound
-Max volume regulation to reduce chance of sound flickering and prevent too loud sound
(Highly recommended to put engine, exhaust, turbo volume slider to max)
-Featured full 3D directional sound for extra realistic feeling of sound
-Custom sound attenuation for realistic sound fade off and distortions
-Custom exhaust distortions for realistic exhaust tone
-Included idle jake brake system
-Included Customizable Additional Supported Trucks (CAST)

Quick tutorial on how to use CAST
1. Goto def/vehicle/truck/
2. Rename one of zcustom_xx into truck def name you want

How to use idle jake brake:
1. hold light horn button (J button) for 1 second, then release
2. tap light horn button once again, and idle jake brake should be engaged
3. Repeat the same process to turn off

Note: idle jake brake system doesn’t compatible with mods that contain interior switches sound
(Sound fixes pack is exceptional but keep piority under my mod)

Talk to the author on the SCS forum thread.

Credits: Slav Jerry – sound modding and samples

DOWNLOAD mod for ATS 1.46 +

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