Autocar AT 1.37

Autocar AT truck mod

Standalone truck, Volvo Dealership. No details from other games or mods. All additional details created in the 3D editor for this truck. Game version ATS 1.37 mod Cabin Day Cab Sleeper Cab 36″ Sleeper Cab 60″ Chassis WB226′ 6×4 Fuel Tank 152 Gallon WB262′ 6×4 Fuel Tank 220 Gallon WB262′ 6×4 Fuel Tank 300 Gallon … Read more

ATS Real Logos Project

ATS Real Logos Project

This mod replaces dozens of parody logos in the game with their real-world counterparts. (Textures only, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility when a new version of the game is released.) This includes vans, storefronts, billboards, buildings, etc. I’m not certain all of these textures actually are being used by the game at … Read more

Enhanced Vegetation v3.2

ats Enhanced Vegetation

This mod replaces textures for vegetation around the map of ATS. If you like taking cool pictures and want to take a fresh look at the world of ATS, then this mod is for you! All vegetation textures have been sharpened and saturated, plus a new texture for a tree model. FYI: the screenshots for … Read more

Sierra Nevada 2.2 Reforma

ats Sierra Nevada map mod

Sierra Nevada map mod ATS 1.37. Now released for free. This mod remodels extensive areas in northern California and the vast majority of Nevada in the base map of ATS. Load order; *** (other mods, trailer, weather, graphics) **(other map mods such as C2C, CanaDream, etc, use Mega Resources C2C patch here; … 2.scs.html) … Read more