ATS Volvo Construction Equipment DLC

ATS has a lot of DLCs and exciting features. Add the Volvo Construction Equipment to that list! A new American Truck Simulator DLC that includes 5 different branded construction machinery from Volvo CE. You can haul and deliver them all across the USA, even in the new ATS Wyoming DLC!

Here’s what Volvo Construction Equipment DLC includes:

  • A25G (Articulated Hauler)
  • SD160B (Soil Compactor)
  • EC220E (Crawler Excavator)
  • EW240E Material Handler (Excavator)
  • L250H (Wheel Loader)

ATS Volvo Construction Equipment

The Volvo Construction Equipment company is a huge leader in the industry. It has been active for over 180 years. Their commercial trucks are very good and so are their other products. It’s great that now we can also see them inside the game.

american truck simulator Volvo Construction Equipment

Also if you want to find more information about the equipment that you will be hauling, read the full SCS blog post. There are many technical specifications there and more pictures. In addition, on the bottom of the post there is a cool presentation video!

ats mods volvo

Will you get the new ATS DLC? You can download it on Steam. Also it is available for Euro Truck Simulator 2 as well. We recommend that you follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest ATS mods and news!

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