ATS new patch 1.42 & mods

ATS patch 1.42 is the new update for the game. After the last big ATS release which included the multiplayer and other big improvements, we have a new one in open beta. Right off the bat, we want to let you know that the ATS 1.42 mods are available on our website.

What are the new features of American Truck Simulator 1.42?

There is a short list of new features coming with this update. It focuses more on adding stuff to the ATS multiplayer. Here is the changelog:


  • Initial MOD support for Convoy multiplayer


  • Convoy session modification UI added for MOD compatibility and downloads.


  • Force feedback improved and available for more controller types on more systems (Linux)
  • Steering wheel animation range setting

ATS new patch 1.42

Convoy MOD Support

Now you can play multiplayer mode with more safety! According to SCS, it was a really requested feature from the fans. They say that one of the biggest challenges is profile recovery in case of a change to a mod.

Also very important: there is a new UI to fit the mod support. There you are able to read the mod compatibility requirements for the servers. Some servers may or may not accept ATS mods. And this will be indicated by new icons. Also an orange icon indicates you cannot join the server now. In addition, you can download missing mods with the MOD synchronization UI. Things will be faster if that mod is available on Steam Workshop or you could check with our list of ATS multiplayer compatible mods.

ats multiplayer mods

How to register for ATS 1.42 patch beta?

This open beta is still a work in progress build. There might be errors and bugs that you will encounter along the way. You can report them on the official SCS forum.

To get a beta patch, go to your Steam library and select American Truck Simulator. Next, right click on the name then go to properties and then click on BETAS. Select the beta you want from the list (“public_beta – 1.42 public beta” in our case). More info here: How to install beta updates

That’s pretty much it for now. If you wish to learn more and see more pictures, check SCS’s official blog post. Until next time, enjoy the best ATS mods and keep on trucking!

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