Texas DLC ATS Locations

Texas DLC for ATS was announced a few months ago on our website. You can read more info on our Let’s go to Texas in American Truck Simulator article. Basically it is an upcoming map expansion DLC for the game. It is quite a wide state, the 2nd largest in the US actually.  So this means it will be a challenge to guess where the pictures provided by SCS are located. The guys have challenged us to find or guess what the locations in the pictures are. Also down below, we’ll provide the answer to this question. Enjoy the American Truck Simulator Texas pictures below and take a guess about the locations!

ats texas dlc

american truck simulator texas

texas dlc ats

We think these photos are looking great. We recommend that you also go on SCS’s blog post if you want to see all the full size pictures. Also as promised, here are some of the locations in the pictures, provided by Andre Gilbert in the comments section:

  1. Jones County Courthouse
  2. 290 Wine Castle in Johnson City
  3. Texas Travel Information Center at Laredo
  4. I-40 & I-27 in Amarillo
  5. I-20 and Hwy 285 in Pecos
  6. Back Porch of Texas in Abilene
  7. ?
  8. I-10 Exit 99 Safety Rest Area
  9. Kenedy County Safety Rest Area
  10. ?
  11. ?
  12. Hwy 87, Bolivar Peninsula

Let us know how you’re feeling about this new DLC on our Facebook page. Also check out some ATS 1.42 mods! Add ATS Texas DLC to your Steam Wishlist. Keep on trucking guys!


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