ATS 1.43 Update Patch Open Beta

ATS 1.43 is available in an open beta format for Steam users. Check out what’s new and see how to install it below. This new American Truck Simulator patch 1.43 comes after a quite short period from the last ATS 1.42 one. But that is good anyways because new and improved stuff was added. Let’s explore together! ATS mods for patch 1.43 will be available on our website like always.

ats patch 1.43

First off, we have new ownable ATS trailers: Dumper trailers

The users can customize them and add them to their fleet. What can be transported in them? Anything like coal, soil, gravel, stone, sand, and other stuff. It will have 3 main body types with different sizes. They are called End Dumpers, Side Dumpers, and Livefloor Dumpers. Also if you’re wondering about tuning your new ATS trailer, here is a list of some accessories: markers, rear bumpers, front and rear mudflaps, front and rear fenders, and paint jobs.

ats dumper trailer

Interior ATS sound update

Sound attenuation from surrounding environment, engine and wheels noises are now simulated in ATS. Every truck has different isolation. SCS took this into account while simulating the effect. This results in some cabs being louder and some quieter. This will make everything more realistic, bringing American Truck Simulator to another level. More updates to this will come in next patches.

New SDF Fonts

This means that the game will feature Signed Distance Fields. The signs and all text will be much more visible, clearer. Right now, text is rendered as images. SDF fonts will make all look so much better and sharp.

ATS Sfd update

How to install ATS patch 1.43

Firstly go to your Steam library and select Euro Truck Simulator 2. Secondly, right click on the name then go to properties and then click on BETAS. Lastly, select the beta you want from the list (“public_beta – 1.43 public beta” in our case). Also you can find more info here: How to install beta updates.

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  1. SCS SUCKS!!! ever since i had the 1.43 patch my controller wouldnt work so i had to go back to 1.42 typical ill wait till Texas is released then ill start playing again until then they need to FIX THIER SHIT!!!!


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