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We’re all waiting for new updates on the American Truck Simulator DLCs. We cover news and ATS mods too! Check them out after getting in touch with what’s coming. Firstly, you probably know already that there are two major map expansions coming to the game. Wyoming DLC and the recently announced Texas map expansion. Today we’ll focus on the first one and show you some places in the map disclosed by SCS. Also note that everything is still work in progress. We recommend to check out this Realistic rain ATS mod. We think you’ll like it!

ats wyoming dlc

SCS launched a challenge to the players, to identify any of the places in the pictures. Leave your guesses in the comments below! People love the locations! Down below in the post I will leave some of the locations that the user Guilherme Quilice identifies on SCS’s blog.

ats map expansion mod wyoming

ats mods wyoming

ats dlc wyoming download

So as promised, thanks to Guilherme, here are some of the locations:

  • Gros Venture Junction (Jackson, WY / U.S-191)
  • Some sort of road on U.S 26 maybe
  • United Presbyterian Church (Laramie, WY / Grand Ave.)
  • Mill Inn / Best Out West (Sheridan,WY
  • World’s Largest Mineral Hot Springs (Thermopolis, WY / U.S-20)
  • Medicine Bow Museum (Medicine Bow / U.S-287)
  • Sheridan Center (Sheridan, WY / U.S 87)
  • Alpine, WY
  • I-90 (Sheridan, WY)

american truck simulator wyoming dlc

What do you think so far? Are you exited for the new DLC in American Truck Simulator? We think that SCS improves more and more with every new DLC. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news and ATS mods!

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