Wyoming DLC Weight & Rest Stations

Wyoming DLC is coming soon. While we’re waiting for it, let’s explore what is coming in terms of weight stations and rest stations in American Truck Simulator! Don’t forget to check out all the details about Wyoming DLC and add it to your wish list on Steam. While we’re at it, you should know that the official release date of ATS Wyoming DLC is September 7, 2021! Let’s talk about what’s coming now!

Wyoming dlc

Weight Stations

This is one important piece of a trucker’s life, just like SCS mentions. While making the map, they really focused on many aspects and weight stations are some of them. Echo Point of Entry has a rich history as it was built before Interstate 80. In addition to it, you will be able to stop for an inspection at the Evanston I-80 Point of Entry.

ats wyoming weight station

Also other stations will impress you by the scenic view. At Alpine Point of Entry, SCS says you will be able to see some beautiful mountains. In contrast, Cheyenne I-25 Point of Entry surrounding prairies will allow you to see really far. In conclusion, make sure to always be in the legal weight limit with your trailer, especially if you’re driving this ATS mod Alutrec Flatbed trailer that we recommend.

american truck simulator weight stations

Welcome Areas and Rest Stations

Resting is one of the most important parts in a human’s life. That also get replicated in American Truck Simulator, since when real truckers don’t sleep, this could cause accidents and there are several types of Truck Accident Injuries that are cover by legal rights, as you can learn online. So while you’re stopping to rest or for sleep, you need to feel just like in a real life rest station or a welcome area. Driving all those miles in ATS while also make you tired.

One of the first welcome areas mentioned by SCSoft in their blog post, is The Southeast Wyoming Welcome Center. It is very detailed, with various buildings and a rest area. Various details are added: from picnic tables to a welcoming sculpture of a Native American and a Mountain Man.

american truck simulator parking

Additional rest areas are also present now in American Truck Simulator in more quiet areas than gas stations. They’re going to be great spots for cooling off your engine.

ats rest area

We hope you enjoyed this short presentation of what we know from the team of developers about this upcoming ATS Wyoming DLC. Thanks to the the great SCS team for providing so many insights. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news. Keep on trucking!

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