American Truck Simulator 1.39 beta

American Truck Simulator patch 1.39 beta is released to the public to test. For now, it’s an experimental beta available for Steam users. Also it will take a few weeks for the full release, after people will report all the bugs. You can report bugs on the SCS Forum. It is only available for Windows users for now. Are you ready to try it? Follow the guide at the end of the article to install it.

For the mods fans, just know they will be available in the ATS 1.39 mods section.

american truck simulator patch 1.39

Launchpad Update

The face of American Truck Simulator will be changed! Firstly, this is massive news because the start interface was the same for a while now. Secondly, SCS is informing us that there will be new features and this redesign paves the way for them. We don’t know yet what features they are talking about but they will be accessed from the new launchpad.

Switch between accounts using a dropdown menu. Also DLC manager, Mod Manager, and Profile Manager have been placed together for easier access. Access the Game Options directly from the start menu – which is great! You don’t have to enter a profile before changing options, which is helpful.

american truck simulator new launchpad

Lowboy Trailers

Just like we mentioned in a recent article, lowboy trailers are now available to own. In addition you can even customize them and use them with the ATS Heavy Cargo DLC. Read more on the ATS 1.39 Lowboy Trailers article.

flatbed trailer in ats

New ATS Viewpoints

This feature was introduced staring with the ATS Idaho DLC. It is a cutscene that players can see with an interesting location. In addition to what was available in Idaho, new viewpoints are added in Washington and Utah. Also each state will get 10 new cutscenes to watch new landmarks, national parks, and industries.

ats viewpoint

Full patch 1.39 change log


  • New Viewpoints in Washington and Utah DLCs


  • Launchpad Re-design


  • Lowboy trailers (ownable, including articulated ones)
  • Viewpoint improvements (replayable, skip, map status, fade-out)
  • Sound updates and improvements (turbo slider, sound positioning, cabin spatial mixing, sound distribution to accessories)
  • Trailer browser & lister shows all valid cargo variants
  • Experimental transmission input shaft emulation and clutch brake support (g_clutch_brake)

How to install American Truck Simulator patch 1.39 beta?

Firstly go to your Steam library and select American Truck Simulator. Secondly, right click on the name then go to properties and then click on BETAS. Lastly, select the beta you want from the list (“public_beta – 1.39 public beta” in our case). Also you can fin more info here: How to install beta updates.

In conclusion, we’ve got a few but big updates in the ATS 1.39 patch. Stay informed and download the best mods only on our website! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Special thanks to SCS Software for keeping the game updating and listening to the community. Also you can see more info on their blog. You rock! Keep on trucking!

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