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Daniels Random Events ATS mod adds 70 new random events (many of which have many different possible variations) to appear on the roads in American Truck Simulator.


  • The ‘city’ events will only spawn in urban areas.
  • Some of these are tweaked versions of ones originally created by SCS that I have tweaked to improve them.
  • Others are completely new ones that i have created myself.
  • All of my events feature different levels of rarity depending on the event so some events you will see more often than others.

If you have any ideas or feedback then i would love to hear from you. Check out the SCS forum post.

Changes in V1.1:

  • Basically now in complete synchronisation with the ETS2 version so has the same event types and variations as the ETS2 version.
  • All accident events are now completely dynamic.
  • New VMS signs with images for warning of an event ahead.
  • Issue with warning triangle facing the wrong way fixed.
  • Decreased chance of accident events spawning with crashed vehicles facing the wrong way.
  • Slightly decreased chance of accident events spawning.
  • Removed ‘narrow’ city accident events (this may only be temporary, want to see if this will increase the spawn rate of the city roadwork and channelse events).
  • Made ‘narrow’ accident events no longer able to spawn on 2 lane roads.
  • Removed the ‘urban_area’ limit on the ‘city’ one lane accident events (these events will now only spawn on 2 lane roads if the shoulder size is less than 1.5 this should prevent them from spawning on the main highways/motorways).

Please feel free to share to other forums/websites but please respect the authors wishes and keep the original download link.

Credits: danbywinby

DOWNLOAD mod v1.1 for ATS 1.40 +

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