Wyoming news: Cities on the I-80

Wyoming DLC is probably the next DLC to be released in American Truck Simulator. It has got a lot of attention on SCS Software’s blog and from the community. Even if there’s no official release date, we think it’s going to be released pretty soon. We have more information about ATS Wyoming on our blog section. Check it out!

ats wyoming dlc

Today we’re going to talk about I-80 and around what cities it’s crossing, according to the latest SCS blog post. The I-80 is a transcontinental highway, second largest in the US and we’re hearing about it a lot because of that. It goes from Seattle to New York and we hope that we’ll get the full length of it asap. We talked a little about this on an article: why we get only 2 DLC per year in ATS. We want to hear your opinion about this!

Cities along the I-80 in ATS Wyoming

So let’s get started! Firstly let’s talk about Laramie, which is located in southeastern Wyoming. It has a rich history and it’s the third largest in the state, by population. Also around it are Laramie Mountains.

ats wyoming laramie

Secondly, the city of Rawlins is located a bit to the west. Also the area was named Rawlins Springs because of general Rawlins who said that water there is one of the most refreshing. Great to know a bit of history about the locations you’re visiting in ATS. You can tell how much more SCS is invested in creating these map expansions for ATS.

ats wyoming dlc rawlins

Thirdly, we have Rock Springs. It is the most industrialized county in Wyoming, which gives us a hint about the industry in Wyoming. People work there in industry, mining, power generation and related services. You are able to see the City Hall while passing it.

american truck simulator wyoming

Finally, there’s Evanston. It was an important trading location for over a 100 years. Also SCS mentions that for Cheyenne, the capital, there’s going to be a special post. We’re really waiting for it! American Truck Simulator is great thanks to these updates. If you want, check out  SCS’s post about this to see full size images and more info.

american truck simulator evantson city

Thanks again SCS for all the new information! The community is looking forward for the release. If you didn’t know, you can save Wyoming DLC on Steam to your wish list. Also for the players, we want to recommend this Realistic Brutal Weather mod for ATS. You’re going to like it because it make the game more realistic. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news. Keep on trucking guys!

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