Lowboy Cargo Extended

ats Lowboy Cargo Extended mod

This mod expands on the standard SCS lowboy, namely:
– Adds new cargoes;
– Allows you to buy an extended version of the trailer from the Special Transport DLC;
– Allows you to transport cargo from the Special Transport DLC without restrictions and escorts, like regular cargo.

Cargoes for a standart trailer are available in freight market and cargo market, not added to traffic;
Cargoes for the extended trailer are available in cargo market only, they have not been added to freight market and traffic.

Attention! I am not a trucker and have no idea how to properly secure this or that cargo. I do not understand chains and straps, how they behave in a given situation and how much weight they can withstand. Therefore, it is likely that the fastening options presented in the mod are complete heresy and in reality the cargo will move off at the very first turn.

Be careful, there are several problems in the mod that I cannot fix:
– The weight of some cargoes was understated due to the fact that the weight limit on purchased trailers is very limited. With a greater weight, these goods would not be available for transportation.
– Do not load “Service boat” cargo on a two axle trailer. This is because the 3D model of the cargo is adapted for trailers with three axles (as in the original Special Transport DLC) and I was unable to adapt the 3D model to the shorter chassis. In case you take this weight on a short chassis, the lines at the back will hang in the air.


Credits: 3D models: SCS, Denys Rutkovskyi, Dekogon Studios, Zetor, Trayscape, Harven
Authors of converting 3D models from other games: raccooncitizen

DOWNLOAD mod for ATS 1.39 +

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