Peterbilt 352/362

Peterbilt 352 ats truck mod Peterbilt 362

Welcome to the Peterbilt 352/362 truck mod for ATS.

This update brought tons and tons of new changes and improvements such as new chassis, parts, skins, better materials and more.
There are way too many changes to list all right here but some notable changes were addon support for Kreichbaum’s Engine Sound 3.3 and Rockeropasiempre’s POWER ENGINES pack 12.9
There is also support for SISLs mega pack and Sci Steering Wheel DLC now
You will have to download those original mods separately as those files do not come with my mod directly.

I have added the logging, flatbed, tanker, and dump chassis from the 3xx Heavy Haul mod (permission was granted) however in order to use the trailers and loads, you need to download the original 3xx mod and it’s heavy haul addon.
This is to save on file space and avoiding incompatiblities.
Mod order image is included in main zip file

There is a wrecker body included but it’s not near finished, I just couldn’t get it done in time (it is stable to use but needs revisions in a later update)

Note: Try this truck with Normal Maps turned on in the settings, that sh** is wet
Also note: there are no painted tanks or painted toolbox as a hookup for the original tanks because they won’t show up right in-game no matter what I do.

This mod was originally created by lucasi and frank_peru. This is simply a revision.

Read more on the official SCS forum.

Credits: Geoff G.

SPECIAL THANKS TO Noah Hollingshead and his VT drivers for beta testing this beauty. Everything was all good on there end so that means if you do have problem with missing textures/parts/crashing CONSULT YOUR MOD LIST

DOWNLOAD mod for ATS 1.39 +

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