Realistic Corner Shops 1.2

Realistic Corner Shops ats ats mod realistic logos

This mod changes some of the logos present in the shops to realistic ones, it’s a small change that adds a lot of realism
Take a look to some of the shops and feel free to share some ideas, in the next update I can add your suggestions

The mod will work on all DLC states and is compatible with ATS Real logos project.

– New shops:
> Subway
> Chase
> Rite Aid
> Dollar General
> StateFarm
> Western Union
> Planet Fitness
> Office Max
> Under Armour

– Special Shops:
> Andy’s Donuts —> Randy’s Donuts (Los Angeles)
> Cofibreak —> Starbucks (Colorado)
> Franks Frites —> Pete’s Frites (Albuquerque RTE 66)
> LOWI’S —> LOWE’S (RTE 66)
> Mlaheur Drug – Malheur Drug (Vale, Oregon)
> Mohawk Restaurant, The Woodsman Country Lodge (Crescent – Oregon)

– Bank Banners:
> Wells Fargo (Nevada, New Mexico & Colorado)
> Chase (Washington)
> UsBank (Oregon)

– Miscellaneous:
> Sunshine Mills Wall (WIP)
> Pana Auto Care Center —> Napa Auto Care Center
> Motor City —> Firestone Complete Auto Care
> Coca Cola vending machine
> Dasani water vending machine
> Comic Con wall posters
> Stihl Chainsaw

Changelog V1.2:

> Fixed Love’s highway exit sign restaurant
> Added Real Motel Logos
> Changed CocaCola Vending Machine to a newer US style (Was Japanese style)
> Changed the new highway exit sign logos to real ones (Gas logos based on my gas station mod so they work together)

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Credits: Pedro Martins (Pedrom029)

DOWNLOAD mod for ATS 1.41 +

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  1. Do you have a facebook page or a forum post on ATS that you use to keep everyone up to date when you update your mods?


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