Original ATS 1.39 Profile Save Game

Original ATS 1.39 Profile Save Game

This is a Save Game for American Truck Simulator patch 1.39. It has all the ATS skills completed and over 3.4 million dollars in game money.

You’re wondering how to install an ATS Savegame? Read below.

Firstly, go to your “\Documents\American Truck Simulator\steam_profiles” folder. Secondly, paste the folder contained in the downloaded RAR file. Your new profile should be available to select in the ATS launch menu! The new ATS patch 1.39 introduced a dropdown menu to switch between accounts.

Credits: Original, provided by rodonitcho mods


4 thoughts on “Original ATS 1.39 Profile Save Game”

  1. I can do that with Cheat Engine. We need all the stupid ass dealers unlocked, just like in real lifey, where people don’t have to run around the fucking continent getting dealers to open doors. Shit gameplay, hoinestly.


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