ATS Wyoming DLC new jobs

ATS upcoming map expansion, the Wyoming DLC, will create more jobs for us. Industries is one part of American Truck Simulator that is gradually updated. This makes even more sense because each state is different. So feeling that in ATS makes it more realistic. After reading this, you should also check out our article about the current pace of the new map expansions for ATS. Also don’t forget to check the latest mods for ATS 1.40.

ats wyoming

Let’s check out what does the new Wyoming DLC bring to the table. According to SCS‘s article, we will be able to feel the state’s natural beauty while delivering cargo. First off, agriculture is a key industry that will be found. Get ready to transport anything from crops, fruits, and vegetables to beef. Actually, there are Livestock auction houses too! From there animals are sold and exported all around the world.

ats wyoming dlc

Secondly, the railroad system in Wyoming is big. Starting with the new map expansion, you will be able to contribute to transporting parts to and from the Rail Supply Depot. Also transporting freight to and from the freight trains.

american truck simulator rails

Thirdly, we have to mention the Soda Ash Mine near Rock Springs. American Truck Simulator will be getting one of the most important industries of the state, mineral extraction.

Additionally, chemical plants will be available. There is going to be a lot of brand new prefabs added. Drivers will be able to transport dump truck parts too, as there will be many around the new companies. Also it’s best we mention that everything is still a work in progress.

american truck simulator wyoming dlc

What is your opinion on the upcoming ATS Wyoming DLC so far? We’re definitely waiting for it and we are ready to explore it. You can add it to your Steam wish list. In 2021 we are also waiting for the American Truck Simulator multiplayer mod. There’s a lot to be excited about, so stay tuned and follow us on Facebook for news.

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