Enhanced Driving XPerience 2.0

Enhanced Driving XPerience

This is Boeing73FLY’s Enhanced Driving XPerience 2.0 mod for American Truck Simulator. The author believes it to be an essential mod for realism. This mod makes the in-game driving experience a little more realistic.

This mod must be loaded in-game at a higher priority over other sound or AI mods.

I hope you all will have a better driving experience with EDXP. Feedback is always welcome. Safe travels 🙂

You can leave feedback on the official SCS Forum post.

– Adjusted Potatoes cargo (DLC Idaho exclusive) to not spawn in refrigerated trailers.
– NOTE: Traffic signal timings in Colorado are still WIP. Always drive on with caution when driving through ANY controlled intersection.

Credits: Boeing73FLY

Special thanks to cip for letting me incorporate part of his Real Traffic Density mod into EDXP-US!

My cargo rework is inspired by LAFAYET47’s Cargo Market Rework mod. Consider mine the ‘lite’ version of his.


If you are interested in realism, you should try out some ATS Graphics mods.

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