Real Life Companies Revival Project 1.2

ATS Real Life Companies Revival Projectats real companies mod

Hi fellow truckers.
I have been working on my Revival Project to continue the legacy of P16, it started with the real gas stations, and now I come to present
the real companies mod.
I know some company mods are already out, but I feel I should share my work with all of you, as a matter of continuing my personal mod project.
This companies were made after an extensive search about the US Companies on each state and I choose the one most accurate to the reality, some of them I still need to decide, so feel free to give your thoughts. I also change the trailers and containers to the most accurate.

Changelog V1.2:

  • Changed heartwood furniture to Ashley Furniture Industries
  • Changed Portland Cargo Central to Port of Portland
  • All Companies are now complete
  • Revised some entrance logos: Bushnell (Organic Valley), Chemso(Dow)

Compatible with Realistic train mod, ATSRL, but this mod should have higher priority

Compatible with Realistic train mod, ATSRL, but this mod should have higher priority.
Also compatible with traffic and trailer packs (Tested with Jazzycat and TrafficManiac mods).
Not Compatible with any other mod that changes the same assets (company models and prefabs).

Works better with:

Click here if you want to buy me a coffee while I make mods.

Credits: Pedro Martins, P16

DOWNLOAD mod v1.2 for ATS 1.40 +

1 thought on “Real Life Companies Revival Project 1.2”

  1. hello there i am still using your old project with the burger kings kfc’s teco bells and fast food joints but would like it if u updated this pack to add them fast food joints into the game and also add mcdonalds sonic white castle popeyes wendys into it as well that would be so good i like as real as i can see in the game so please can u do this for me and the rest of the people that love this mod


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