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ATS 1.31 Patch Open Beta

American Truck Simulator is now available in version 1.31 as an open beta update for Steam users. This new ATS patch brings various updates such as simulated trailer cables, new bottom dumper trailers, filter option for job and cargo search and more minor updates such as an automatic parking break (for example if your truck spawns in another location).

  • Power/air lines between truck and trailer(s)
  • Improved mirror rendering (head position-based FOV, properly curved mirrors)
  • New road through Yosemite added (CA-120)
  • New trailers (bottom dumpers)
  • Job selection screens have new filter and cargo search elements (will be added later)
  • Parking brake automatically ON after truck spawn (g_park_brake_init)
  • Screenshot name format now based on date and time
  • Increased precision trip data (dashboard computer display)
  • Fixed torque converter locking
  • Fixed damaged predefined trucks in dealers and quick jobs
  • Fixed trailer damage reporting
  • Fixed HDR interpolation
  • New terrain brushes in the map editor
  • Dropped support of the old maps (pre 4.38, due to brushes)
  • Mirror_data
  • A trailer could be registered as standalone or not
  • Variable shift length
  • Truck dealer trucks are not on the list anymore, the game reads all units in given directory
  • Steerable wheel independent on wheel model
  • Dropped support for old attributes

There are also more minor updates and some that mod creators should know (especially map creators). To read this go to SCS’s blog post.

If you want to participate in the ATS open beta follow these steps: right click on American Truck Simulator game on your Steam client, click Properties, got to the Betas tab and select the public_beta. Select the 1.31 public beta (current one).

Patch for MAN XBS in ATS v18.04.05

American Truck Simulator 1.30.x
MAN TGX 2010 by XBS in ATS
mod patch: Patch for MAN XBS in ATS v18.04.05 scs

This patch allows you to use the the truck ETS2: man tgx 2010 v5.x scs made by XBS in ATS

Manual: in ATS connect patch above mod-truck man tgx 2010 v5.x scs
mods by XBS:
man tgx 2010 BDF trailer pack scs
and man tgx 2010 BDF trailer VAK scs
do not use. not works

Truck MAN TGX 2010 by XBS can be bought from all dealers ATS:
– Kenworth
– Peterbilt
– Volvo

bobo58 / 05.04.2018

in archive: Patch_for MAN_XBS_in_ATS_v18.04.05.rar (~102mb):
mod-ORIGINAL: man_tgx_2010_v5.2.scs – made by XBS
mod-patch: Patch_for MAN_XBS_in_ATS_v18.04.05.scs
Credits: bobo58


Mack Superliner V8 v3.5

It is registered in the auto Kenworth. It is found in the company’s orders. Present in the gallery trucks.
Has the real engines, transmissions, sound. and coloring template.

What’s new in version 3.5
1. Updating a version of for the game ATS v1.28.x – v1.30.x
2. Animation mudguards, pedals, brakes, clutch and gas.
3. baking on new technology.
4. The new template.
5. Numerous improvements, etc.
6. Completely reworked, improved model of the exterior and interior, to create new, high-quality textures, new 3D parts.
For versions of the game ATS v1.28.x – v1.30.x

Credits: Virat, SCS: – 3D model.
Smith – Template, assistance with animation etc.
Fire-Blade: – improved exterior and interior model,modeling.
Stas556: – conversion and setup. v2.0
NN-Mihail: – conversion and setup. v3.5
kriechbaum: – sounds, engines and transmissions.
Pauly: – Skins, test, Technical support
Evelin Sophie: – Skins, Technical support
Driver Geo: – Video, test
Mick Brown: – Technical support.
Tracy N Nathan Anderson – Technical support.


ATS 1.30 Renault Integral 390 v3

Renault Integral 390 v3.0 for ATS: 1.30.x

– Real own sound for Renault Integral.
– 2 standard cabin.
– 2 standard chassis 4×2.
– 3 standard engines.
– 8 standard transmissions
– Added new navigators GPS.
– Your standard painting.
– Standalone
– Buy in Kenworth Dealer.
– Test on version: [ATS]

NOTE: Please note two cabin views what I added in picures. One (darker) uses default SCS in game weather, other (brighter and better visible) cabin interior shot with additional weather mod enabled – GSC Weather Mod v4.2. If you have too dark there in cabin then use wheather mod(s).

Credits: Solaris36, СyrusTheVirus, Vinzel, adapted for ATS vasja555



All sounds were recorded by very cheerful people with great responsibility to get a healthy portion of the human positive
At the moment, only a few cars have received a special sound

List of vehicles with improved sounds:
– Kenworth W900
– Peterbilt 389

Credits: SCS


Baobab Tree For ATS 1.30

This mod adds in the Baobab Tree in ATS.
NOTE: This mod is originally created by Nikola Kostovski for ETS2.

Bored of the easy stock trailers? Up for a real challenge? This 58 tons Baobab Tree is for you.

Things I did:
– Converted it to ATS
– Converted it to a standalone trailer
– Fixed collisions
– Fixed wheels
– Made it compatible with advanced coupling

Things to do:
– Fix shadows

1.28 – 1.30

Credits: Nikola Kostovski, AutiAuto


Passenger mod for ATS

Mod to carry passengers by ATS maps. Passengers are assigned to 18 companies.
Loading / unloading is accompanied by sound effects.
Important! When you connect the mod, all default cargoes and trailers are disabled; there is a recalculation of the economy.
For the selection of passengers only, do not connect additional packages of trailers with cargo.
Mod works with cars, jeeps, buses and minibuses.
Please note that not all minibuses and jeeps can disembark passengers on simple and complex parking lots.
The mod is compatible with Viva Mexico 2.4.3.x

Credits: LiNuX, adapt SalvikSD