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Kenworth T680 Double Exhaust v3.SP/MP

Kenworth T680 Double Exhaust v3.0 SP/MP

This mod includes:
– Dual exhaust with the option of tuning
– Modified engine (taken from “Peterbilt 389”)
– Modified gearbox (taken from “Peterbilt 389”)
– Fixes of bugs and bugs found in previous versions
– Support for multiplayer

– Installed engine from Kenworth W900 (625 HP)
– Double exhaust
– Small tuning
– Painting “Metallic”

– Added the ability to change the truck the way you like
– Removed the restriction on tuning

– Updated under the patch (1.30.x)
– Fixed errors in registration
– Removed the “small tuning” due to which some people had errors
– Replaced “painting” Metallic “” for a normal color
– Replaced the engine from “Kenworth W900 (625 HP)” to “Peterbilt 389 (625 HP)”
(if desired, you can change, that would have to return to re-buy a truck)
– A 7-speed gearbox (with retarder) is installed from “Peterbilt 389” (you can change it if desired)
– Removed errors with visualization of the wheels due to an unidentified “DLC Wheel Tuning Pack”
(some had only tires (without disks))
– Fixed a bug when leaving the cabin due to an unidentified “DLC Wheel Tuning Pack”
– Changed wheels to standard to avoid errors and bugs
– Removed excess truck cells
– Updated preview
– Updated the “readme” file

Credits: FOX


No Damage

No Damage

– No damage to the truck.
– There is no damage to the cargo.

Verified on version: 1.30.x

Credits: Strannik75


ATS Scania Trucks v1.5

ATS Scania Trucks v1.5

This mod adds Scania trucks(from ETS 2) to ATS.
– Scania R 2009 , Scania Streamline, Scania R 2016 and Scania S 2016 models available in the mod.
– Completely converted from ETS 2 without errors.
– Realistic suspensions
– Supports Advanced Trailer Coupling

– The Scania signboard added again to the dealers for those who use this mod without the European Truck Dealers mod.
– Removed unused automat files.


Credits: Frkn64 Modding, SCS Software


Kenworth T610 1.29-1.30

Released in 2017, the Kenworth T610 is the result of almost 2 years of research and development by Kenworth Australia. The truck borrows design features from Kenworth Australia and both Kenworth and Peterbilt USA to create a distinct truck for the Australian market.

V1 version of the truck comes with:
1. 3 cabs:
-sleeper cab
-sleeper cab with roof deflector

2. 4 interior variants for each cab (based on T680)
-grey VIT
-tan VIT

3. 2 chassis variants
-6×4 short (for daycab)
-6×4 long (for sleepers)

4. Realistic engine/gearbox options (meaning there won’t be too many of them 😛 )

5. Tuning Options
-9 front bumper
-2 rear bumper
-3 front fender trim
-2 hood mirror
-2 hood deflector
-3 sunvisor (depending on cab variant)
-roof marker light adapter
-3 mirror (just like in SCS’s T680)
-2 sideflare (depending on fuel tank sellected)
-2 exhaust
-3 fuel tank
-4 rear mudguard
-2 mudflap

6. Collection of unique paintjobs

7. Compatibility and patches:
-built-in compatibility with SiSL’s Megapack
-SCI steering wheel DLC addon patch

Credits: GTM Team:
Wolfi, SCS – models
50keda – model fixing and tweaking, modeling consulting
Natvander – def files, technical/meritoric consulting
DaStig, Sabr – paintjobs, UV Mapping/templates consulting
SiSL – interior addon compatibility, interior tuning locators, Steam Workshop version
Carl1992 – non-Steam Workshop files, beta testing
Azu – technical input, beta testing


Tom Dooley Enhanced 579 1.30

Next iteration of my mod who like the 579, but think that the stock SCS model is too bland.
A big thank you to AlexejP, who granted permission to use his interiors/animations, and to all others (see credits) who generously gave permission to use some of their parts from other mods.
New in v 1.30:
– AlexejP animated interiors
– new optional custom headlights
– locker rack by Robert Modjeski/Dc Ving
– new sleeper side windows (outer model only!)
– various modifications or fixes on older parts

Credits: TomDooley, SCS, AlexejP, Robert Modjeski, 349hugo, Aradeth, Pendragon, Viper, Ohaha, Solaris36, GT-Mike, Shine2044, CH_Vitalik/Dmitry68/Kirilloid22/Gosh


Mercedes Axor ATS 1.30

Mercedes Axor for ATS (not a BR version).
Tested on 1.30.x
Buy in Kenworth dealer.
Complete standalone, writteh on separate slot.
Have tuning, supports Sisl mod for ATS.
Have a lot of chassis, BDF included.
Couple of original engines, transmissions
Have his own sound.
Added in traffic.

Credits: Danz, Niksarlý, jgut, adapted for ATS vasja555.


Trailer Pack States v5 [1.30]

Mod of trailers with skins of the United States of America

In a package 22 cargo and 41 skins on reefer trailer:
– Alaska
– Arizona
– Arkansas
– California
– Colorado
– Connecticut
– Delaware
– Florida
– Hawaii
– Idaho
– Illinois
– Indiana
– Iowa
– Kansas
– Kentucky
– Louisiana
– Maine
– Maryland
– Massachusetts
– Michigan
– Minnesota
– Montana
– Nebraska
– Nevada
– New Hampshire
– New Jersey
– New Mexico
– New York
– North Dakota
– Oklahoma
– Oregon
– Rhode Island
– South Dakota
– Texas
– Utah
– Vermont
– Washington
– Washington, D.C
– West Virginia
– Wisconsin
– Wyoming

Changes in version:
1. Added 2 new cargo
2. Added 6 new skins:
– Arkansas
– Illinois
– Indiana
– Iowa
– Kentucky
– Michigan
3. Corrected all files of registration of cargoes according to the following sample:

trailer_def : .acid
trailer: trailer.acid
mass: 12700.0
cog_offset: 1
cog_offset[]: (0.0, 1.0, 0.0)

All trailers are autonomous and included in the traffic.

For version 1.30

Credits: SCS, Omenman


More Events Mod by Muszek v1.3 [1.30]

Version 1.3
– From now on, my mods have been divided into 3 different ones.
that everyone has what he wants. :>
– Better rain mod and better traffic mod will soon be added as separate mods.

thanks for your opinions.
Check out my other mods on the forum scs !

mods which I use to not have errors in the logs.
– AI Traffic Pack for ATS updated to version 4.0,
– Classic cars AI Traffic Pack v1.6,
– Truck Traffic Pack v1.8

Credits: Muszek