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Volvo VNL 670 v1.6 [1.29]

Volvo VNL 670
– Autonomous
– Version 1.3 sale of Volvo car dealerships in the cities of San Francisco and Las Vegas. The author made them separate.
– Interior
– Painted
– There is a skin
Version 1.6:
-Adapted to v1.29
-Added device Wpass with working lights.
-Added animation of buttons of blocking of differential.
-Added indicator the cruise control.
-Added indicator of the sloth trailer
-Added support for animated flags.

Credits: Ventyres, ZilpZalp, Nordisch, cZak, Samson, Scania124L, loogie, kamaz aka, Snekko, TruckManiac, Peerke 145, vovangt4, Martinezio



Better Flares Compatible with Jazzycat Packages v3 ATS 1.29

Supported Jazzycat packs:
– AI Traffic Pack v3.5.1
– Classic cars AI Traffic Pack v1.5
– Truck Traffic Pack v1.8
– Painted Truck and Trailers Traffic Pack v1.3
– Bus Traffic Pack v1.2
– Mexican Traffic Pack v1.6
Mod is compatible with latest releases of those packs. And yes you are right, BFv3.0 Jazzycat addons
should have higher priority than Jazzycat packs.

Credits: Avelium


Better Flares v3 addons for Jazzycat Packs

Addons that adding 8 new flare types to AI traffic from Jazzycat packs. Requires Better Flares v3.0 for ATS or higher.
Warning! BFv3.0 Jazzycat addons should have higher priority than Jazzycat packs.
Supported Jazzycat packs:
– AI Traffic Pack v3.5.1 and higher
– Classic cars AI Traffic Pack v1.5 and higher
– Truck Traffic Pack v1.8 and higher
– Painted Truck and Trailers Traffic Pack v1.4 and higher
– Bus Traffic Pack v1.2 and higher
– Mexican Traffic Pack v1.6 and higher
Mod is compatible with latest releases of those packs.
Credits: Aveliumar


Traffic Density and Speedlimits ATS 1.29

Traffic Density and Speedlimits for American Truck simulator
I don’t say that this mod very perfect, but better than nothing. 😆
Not all, what I want, working good, some problem exist.
At now, it is not version like for 1.28, but not so bad.
More traffic on highways and freeways, less on local roads.
MUST be dense in cities, but working not every time (SCS algorithm problem).
Added SCS harvester to local roads, but it can go to cities too (can’t fix that problem now) work time from 5 to 21.
Added highway patrol cars with beacons lights ON, must be rare 😆
Added ambulance and firetruck with beacons on in cities and near (must be rare)
Reduced police cars frequency.
Bit increased cargo train lengtht, but yse can use “long train” mod with this together with higher priority.
Passenger train lenght not fixed.
All added models is SCS models, fixed without Blender.
That’s all if I not forget something else

Credits: SCS, Piva


Satellite Map Images ATS 1.29

Satellite Map Images for Ats 1.29.x game version
This mod is a set of textures that cause the game to display a
satellite terrain map with borders instead of the blank map with borders.
I spent a couple hours warping and tweaking a map image on top of the default,
to get all the borders throughout the United States lining up as closely as possible.
Less care was taken for areas outside the United States (and the map image used had
no borders outside the U.S.), but they’re nevertheless pretty good, so even using map
mods should be enjoyable with this — however the image used does not contain all
of Canada or Mexico, so extreme northern Canada or extreme southern Mexico will show the default map.
There are a few issues because the game’s map is not entirely realistic.
For example, when you zoom in you’ll notice some roads in southern California appear
to go into the Pacific Ocean, and the loop around Lake Tahoe by Carson City appears to be nowhere near Lake Tahoe.
In order to keep the drawing of routes, city points and state names easily visible in
the Freight Market view, the zoomed-out image was made more transparent.
This means that, in the World Map view, the terrain appears darker (actually more transparent)
when zoomed out all the way, then brightens when you zoom in.

Credits: Keeper


New Mexico DLC + ATS 1.29 update

The new American Truck Simulator DLC has arrived! It is a map expansion DLC adding New Mexico on the map on ATS. Alongside with the DLC, ATS 1.29 patch is officially out!

The New Mexico region also includes a lot of famous landmarks like Rio Grande, Carson National Forest, Baylor Peak, Pyramid Rock and other recognizable places.

Watch this trailer video to see more of the DLC:


ATS Heavy Cargo Pack DLC: released now!!

Heavy Cargo Pack DLC has been released for American Truck Simulator! This DLC contains some new features that will be added into your game. It is available to buy on Steam for 4,99€, but right now it is reduced to 4,49€.

The most important update in the DLC are the new cargoes. They are transported in brand new trailers, made accordingly to US regulations. Here is a list of the new cargoes:

  • Crawler Tractor
  • Bulldozer
  • Lift Truck Chassis
  • Lift Truck
  • Cable Reel
  • Milling Machine
  • All Terrain Crane
  • Scraper
  • Transformer



Big news! After being announced for over 6 years for Euro Truck Simulator 2, double trailers are making their way in both ATS and ETS2 very soon!

The update will be free and as we’ve seen in the pictures there will be double trailers and tandems too.